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Arts Creative Pep Talk Review Review

Jan. 5, 2022

Arts Creative Pep Talk Review Review

Arts Creative Pep Talk Review Review

Putting The Pep Back into Your Creativity

I am really excited to bring this next podcast to your attention because it tugs at my heart which is creativity. The podcast for this episode that I am looking at is Creative Pep Talk. You can find them at creativepeptalk.com and it is run by Andy J Pizza which is not his real name, but he does explain in some of the episodes why he goes by that moniker. Since I do a show called Create Art Podcast which can be found at createartpodcast.com, some people would think that he is a competitor, but not me. Andy really goes all out for his podcast to bring his listeners ideas on how to help out their creativity and he is speaking to folks who don’t need that nudge to start an art project, rather he is speaking to those like myself who are already making art and need a good pep talk to keep motivated.

You can fine Creative Pep Talk here

Host: Andy J Pizza

At the time of this recording it had 342 episodes

Avg length 60 minutes

First published 5 Aug 2015

Description by host : Creative Pep Talk helps you build a thriving creative practice! Each week, host Andy J. Pizza serves up monologues and interviews with creative powerhouses like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Abbi Jacobson and Morgan Harper Nichols that are chocked to the brim with creative performance hacks and fresh marketing tactics. Time to fill up your tank with a generous helping of PEP! Open up your ears and get that breakthrough perspective you need, the second you need it! Andy J. Pizza is an illustrator for the likes of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Google, YouTube and Nickelodeon.

Category: Arts

Frequency: weekly

Email the host: hi@andyjpizza.com 

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Rated by Listen Notes as top 0.1% in Arts Category

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Arts Creative Pep Talk Review
Wed, 12/29 11:11AM • 22:00
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Timothy, Andy

Timothy  00:01
You're listening to find a podcast about thank you for hitting play. I'm your host, Timothy Kimo, Brien. And I bring my experience with podcasting. Since 2006, as a listener, and a podcaster. I am here to help you outsmart the algorithm and find your next binge worthy podcast. Here's how the show works. I comb the millions of podcasts currently available for free on various platforms. And then I come back to you with what I've found. Sure, you can use search engines for recommendations from many podcast apps. But I feel that getting a personal recommendation from a real live breathing person is still the best way to find the gems that are out there. This show is broken up into three halves. Yep, you guessed it. I'm a huge fan of Car Talk. Bear with me. The first half of the show is the stats. This gives you all the details about where to find the show how many episodes who's hosting the shows. Basically, this is for those that just want the stats. The second half of the show, I dig deeper into the show that I'm reviewing and let you know how well the hosts interact. Talk about the audio quality, and let you know what I think about the show. Now that last half of the show is where I talk about why the show is binge worthy, where to start your journey. And I'll be reaching out to the hosts to see if they would like to discuss their show a little bit and talk about their podcasting journey. So let's get going on this episode. I'm really excited to bring the next podcast to your attention because it tugs at my heart. And why does it tug at my heart because it deals with creativity. The podcast for this episode that I'm looking at is called Creative pep talk. You can find them at Creative Pep talk.com. And it's run by Andy J pizza, which is not his real name. But he does explain how he got to that name and some of the episodes and how he got to that moniker. Now since I do a show called create art podcast, which can be found at create art, podcast com. Some people would think that he's a competitor. But I really don't think he is a competitor. Andy really goes all out for his podcast to bring his listeners ideas on how to help out their creativity. And he's speaking to folks who don't need that nudge to start an art project. Rather you speaking to those like myself who are already making art, and just need a good pep talk to keep us motivated. Now, at the time of this recording, he has over 342 episodes, and he's been putting them out since August of 2015. If you want to get the first 200 episodes, you're going to need to subscribe to his newsletter, which, you know, it's not really that obtrusive. He emails it about once a week and it usually deals with the current episode that he's promoting. Now for this review, I'm going to look at episodes after 200 so that you don't have to subscribe to his newsletter if you don't want to. But I'm going to highly recommend that you go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter and get caught up with creative pep talk. The category that this podcast falls under is arts, and it's a weekly podcast that usually runs about an hour an episode. Now he mainly does solo episodes, but he does sprinkle in interview episodes throughout his catalogue, and he creates episode art for each episode. According to the scription in Apple podcasts, creative pep talk helps you build a thriving creative practice. Each week host Andy J pizza serves up monologues and interviews with creative powerhouses like Joseph Gordon Levitt, Abbi Jacobson and Morgan Harper Nichols that are chocked to the brim with creative performance hacks and fresh marketing tactics. Tend to fill up your gas tank with a generous helping of pep open up your ears and get that break through perspective you need the second you need it Andy J pizza is an illustrator for the likes of New York Times, Washington Post, Google, YouTube and Nickelodeon. Now, you can reach out to Andy through email at Hi at Andy J pizza.com. And the website again is creative Pep talk.com. Looking through social media, you can see that he's up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I'll provide the links in the show notes. And he does have a Patreon page and an Etsy shop on his website, where you can buy prints, books and other bits of artwork that he's put out. I'll also have the pod chaser and listen note links in the show notes as well. Now, listen notes ranks him in the top 0.1% of podcasts in that genre. So he's definitely on the upper echelon of podcasters. In the very crowded Arts category. Are you happy with your podcast app? I know a hard question to answer. But let me ask you this. Does your app allow you to rate the podcast you're listening to? A great if it does. But does it allow you to rate each and every episode that you listen to? Does your app allow you to join a community of other listeners and share and comment on your favorite podcasts. Now, if you're a podcaster, does the app that your listeners are using give you a tip jar so that way they can support your show directly instead of paying fees to someone else? Well, good pods allows you as a listener, and as a podcaster. to rate and review all of the episodes of a podcast, as well as joining a community of other podcasts enthusiast to discuss that thing. We all love podcasts. Give it a shot, you may not go back to your old app. And you might find a community that is engaged and excited about the same things you are grabbing on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Okay, let's dive into this gem of a podcast. Now, I'm not sure exactly how I found this podcast, but I am so glad that I did. Every episode I binged on has one thing in common. And that is Andy's energy draws me you don't need a cup of coffee on Wednesday mornings when his podcast comes out. Because Andy just exudes warmth and energy in each podcast. From the intro to the closing credits, this podcast will get you moving and inspire to make something as soon as the episode is over, sometimes while you're listening to the episode, and I really appreciate his energy, because it doesn't feel fake or forced. And he is really hyped up to make sure his listeners are as hyped up as he is about creating objects of art, no matter what their focus is. Now, with all that energy comes a price, he does tend to go off into tangents and he warns us about them.

Andy  08:24
Sometimes on the pizza mystic shows. I want to just let the ADHD out of the bag. I go I've worked really hard for you guys to keep it in check to make sense. On most episodes, I'm attempting to make sense and not be tangential and be tangential and Jandy. But sometimes I'm just like, You know what, I'm letting it fly and you're going to deal with it and sit down and listen. Okay,

Timothy  08:51
now he does get back to the point of each episode. But you do need a little bit of patience and faith that he will tie the tangent into the topic at hand. Now on many of his episodes like number 205, which discusses 11 tips that will get you further faster. He does what he calls pizza episodes.

Andy  09:17
Another pizza mystic episode. 

Timothy  09:26
Now I really like these episodes, because they give you actionable ideas that any listener can use to help help their creative practice. Now in that particular episode, he was talking about his struggles with his inner critic, and how he overcomes doubt. He also discusses how it's all right for us as creatives to make money from our craft. One thing I noticed about his episodes is that they are very conversational. He uses the word you a great deal in each episode. feels like he's directly talking to me. Even during interviews with other creators or people that he works with, he knows how to always focus on the listener and bring us in. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and put on my podcast ears for this part. So we're gonna look at the sound quality of the show. Now, as for Andy, he's miked very nicely in the episodes I reviewed before this recording, he had great mic technique, and it sounded very professional. He does use some sound effects to punctuate his points and add a bit of his unique humor to the episode. But rather, he doesn't feel forced. Rather, it feels natural once you start to binges catalog. So if he wants to alter his voice, then who am I to complain? I can do it too. Also, when he has a guest on, they usually sound right on par with him. I didn't find any bad interviews while listening to his previous episodes. Now, we've all heard great interviews that have had terrible audio in the past. And the meat of the interview can get lost when we focus on how bad the audio is versus the message. And he doesn't suffer from that issue at all. His guests are miked as well as he is. And it feels like they're in the same space being interviewed. Or, you know, maybe his podcast engineer really knows their stuff. Who's ever doing his sound, they're doing a fantastic job in each and every episode. Now this way of ensuring your guest is might as well as the host really speaks to Andy's commitment to spreading his ideas of creativity, and having others help him spread their ideas to help out his listeners. Now, the show usually starts with about 90 seconds of commercials. If you don't want to hear the commercials, you can always skip ahead. But for me, I kind of like his commercials because their host read. Now what do I mean by host read? Well, as the name implies, the host reads the ad. Now, some hosts just read a script. But Andy improvises a little bit on his ads, and they don't feel overly scripted. If I'm going to listen to an ad, this is the way I like it. Because it personalizes the recommendations, or the product that Andy is selling to support his show, I could pretty much listen to Andy read me the menu of a fast food establishment and be happy. He does have a mid roll on most episodes. But he usually can link the ad so nicely and so effortlessly, that it feels like it's part of the conversation that he's having. And then there are ads at the end. Again, those ads relate to the topic at hand, usually, one idea I have is maybe start a premium subscription service, as other podcasts have done, and offer a ad free way to listen to the show. However, for me, I really don't mind the ads. As far as an intro to new listeners, that's a little bit lacking, I would have wanted a bit more to welcome newcomers and explain the show a little bit more. But once you start listening to the podcast, you're gonna get the flow of everything that happens in this show. Most of the episodes that are listened to our Andy doing a solo show. Now I do want to say that when he does bring on guests, not only do they sound great, but you get the feeling that Andy is truly listening to what they have to say, you know, he steps back and lets the guest share their ideas. Now his infectious energy seems to seep into the guest. And by the end of the episode, he and the guest are really hyped up about the topic and are ready to tackle the world. You know, I think it's a sign of maturity that he feels comfortable enough to step back and let his guest provide value to his podcast. Some hosts can't do that. And they can't wait to get to the next question. And they don't listen to their guests. Andy knows the difference between hearing what a guest is saying and listening to what a guest is saying and bringing in the best follow up questions. Okay, at this point, I want to talk about his subject matter and how well he sticks to the overall theme of his show. You know, creativity is a tough topic to cover because everyone has it. But not enough people recognize it or are able to harness it. And he helps creatives tap into their talents and wants us all to be brave. His energy is always at a high level. And I haven't heard an episode where he phoned it in. For end, creativity is

Andy  14:55
creativity is the bravery of attempting things that might not work. and you don't know whether they're going to work until you've done it. That's why it's so important to make those connections, put them down the page, make those terrible drawings, make those terrible songs and do it publicly.

Timothy  15:10
Now he does his best to be inclusive of not only his listeners, but of all the disciplines in art. You know, His specialty is in graphic design and illustration. But this bond podcast isn't just for illustrators, myself, I'm a poet and a theater kid. And I feel included in all of his topics. And I'm usually able to apply any of the ideas that he or his guests share into my personal practice. His ability to bring people of disparate practices brings me back to each and every episode. If you like what you heard so far, then I'd like to ask you to reach out you can email me directly, Timothy at, find a podcast about dot XYZ, or leave me a voicemail at the website, find a podcast about dot XYZ, I want to help you find your next binge worthy podcast. And if you want me to find you a podcast in any category that you're interested in, let me know. Now if you're a podcaster, and feel that your podcast would be served by appearing on the show, I want to talk to you as well. Use the same methods to reach out. Now I'm on Twitter, at Find a podcast, Facebook, at Find a podcast about another thing I'd like to ask is if you found value in this podcast, pass it along to a friend. Lastly, doing this podcast is a labor of love. But loving cheap. So consider donating to my buy me a coffee fund, right on the website, or go to buy me a coffee.com/find a podcast about each episode takes about five to seven hours of research and about two to three hours of production time, about 10 hours for each episode. Let me tell you, that's a lot of coffee. And like I said, the best recommendation comes from a real person. So fill my coffee cup. And I'll help you outsmart the algorithm. Now's the time on the show where I turn you from a listener to find a podcast about to a super fan of creative pep talk. Now, as I alluded to in the second half of the show, this podcast is aimed at creatives who need that extra shot in the arm once a week to push forward from any blocks they are experiencing. Now if you don't consider yourself an artist or a professional artist, I know you will find nuggets in this podcast that will either open your eyes to your own creativity, or will help you recognize the creativity you utilize in your daily life. The topics don't require a degree to understand the point that Andy gets across. And I like the way he compares things to pizza to help illustrate his points. And I

Andy  18:14
I want to model what what I really believe is good practice for creators is when you make something that you believe in and that you love, you owe it to that project to do it justice and do everything you can to get it out there in the world and ask the people who want to support you to support and and show them how and tell them when and

Timothy  18:37
this is just pure genius. When someone can explain a difficult topic in ways others without the experience can understand. Now one of the reasons I keep coming back is the energy that he puts into each episode. I know that when I'm done listening, I feel empowered to go out there and conquer the world and make the art that I want to make. It's also nice to have someone out there cheering me on like Andy does. We all need a pep talk once in a while. And this show definitely does not disappoint. Even if you're not into the arts, I challenge you to listen to a few episodes and see if you're smiling at the end. And he is quite the force of nature on his show. But it demonstrates his passion for his chosen topic. When you can get a host of a podcast to really show his excitement. You know you have something worth listening to. Now with the episodes I listened to you, there's no need to worry about adult language. And I realized swearing is a turn off for some people but you're not gonna find swearing here. His episode titles are right on the money with a topic that he talks about. And as far as the episode I would recommend starting out with I'd have to say number 315 where he talks about the six ingredients needed for a breakthrough in a creative project.

Andy  19:56
I really believe that you when you finish A project and it lands in your hands. The temptation is to is to allow future and a future you to open that thing. But I really believe to complete the cycle and complete the journey. You've got to you've got to celebrate some wins. I know

Timothy  20:17
for me, I have a hard time celebrating my breakthroughs in my creative projects. But hearing this episode really spoke to me, the best way to jump into any episode is to read the show title of the episode. And if it sparks something in you go for it, you're not going to be disappointed. If you're looking for a great interview. I'd recommend number 275 with Michelle Poehler, and their discussion of personal branding. This whole podcast is something I wish I had available to me in college. So that's why I'm sharing it with you today. So that's the episode. I want to thank you again for taking a listen. And if you want to outsmart the algorithm and have me review a podcast, email me Timothy at Find a podcast about dot XYZ or go to the website, find a podcast about dot XYZ, where you can listen to the other episodes and leave me voicemail. I'm here to help you find your next binge worthy podcast. Thank you for listening to find a podcast about which is a production of ghagra pod he studios at Giga pod we have been helping creatives tell their story through podcasting since 2017. Look us up at gaggle pod.com and see all the network shows there and reach out to us so we can help you tell your story to the world.