Outsmart the Algorithm and Find Your Next Binge Worthy Podcast

Season 2

March 12, 2023

Arts Books The Paris Review

Get Your Literature On So I have to say I love the Paris Review as a periodical that I read 4 times a year and when I heard they were making a podcast I was an immediate fan. Unfortunately, they have been on hiatus since May of 2022 but they are in...

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Feb. 22, 2023

Technology: Podcast Me Anything

Best Money Spent on Podcasting I am so happy to be reviewing Podcast Me Anything. This podcast is a great podcast about podcasting. Mathew Passey is the mind behind the mic for this one and he really is a knowledgeable person with a wealth of...

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Jan. 25, 2023

Kids and Family : The Second Half Podcast Review

Who Helped Me Find A Podcast I have a story about how I found today's podcast. I was on TikTok, I am 50 get over it, we are Gen X we are everywhere, and I saw this guy with a thick Chicago accent, yes we have accents, and he was talking...

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